Post-graduate Education Centre (specialist level)

General Information

The post-graduate education, which provides for the specialist improvement and the upgrade of professional skills, is a permanently operating part of the national continued education system. Thus, the Post-graduate Education Centre of KNEU provides qualification development and re-training courses covering pressing issues of economics, entrepreneurship and management, ensures the deepening and updating of the knowledge of Economics and is focused on overcoming the shortage of human resources in leading sectors of the national economy of Ukraine. The place of the Post-graduate Education Centre among other units of the university is determined by its principal tasks and functions of ensuring the continued and successive education of individuals, the obtainment of the higher qualification or new specialities by them. The Centre contributes to meeting the demand of individuals for the continued development of their professional level, prevents the loss of productive forces by upgrading and adjusting the focus of the professional training of specialists in line with the ever-changing conditions of the material production and the demand on the labour market, acts as a tool of the social protection and meets the demand of the society and the state for highly-qualified competitive specialists